Artist Paddy Campbell Biography [Birth Date, Age, Place, Family, Awards]

A fantastic journey of artist Paddy Campbell. I am sure you will inspire by his Biography, struggle, and career updates. Learn How the former owner of Dublin’s famous Bewley’s Cafe left his successful business carrier at Age 50 for the sake of painting.

Paddy Campbell Biography Summary

NamePaddy Campbell
Popular AsSculpture Artist
Age (2022)80  years old
Born Year1942
Birth PlaceDublin

Who is Paddy Campbel?

Paddy Campbell was born in 1942 in Dublin’s north inner city. His primary interest has been in the art of sketching and painting from childhood, but he understands how difficult it is to make a livelihood from art until you are renowned.

When he was 25, he decided to pursue a career in hospitality and opened his own catering and coffee shop.

He established Campbell Catering before becoming well-known nationally when he took over the well-known Bewley’s oriental cafés.

However, art continued to captivate him to the point that, on his 50th birthday, Paddy Campbell made a life-altering choice.

When he was in his early 50s he began to wonder, “What is it all about?” He had a successful business, which was fantastic, but he wondered if there was something more he needed to do to discover who he was.

He decided to quit his career as a businessman in order to pursue his passion as an artist. In 1996, he began to spend most of his time at Florence National College of Art and Design, where he studied Renaissance painting.

Paddy Campbell learned in the year 2,000 that his true talent was as a sculptor. He studied and learned these skills for the following three years in Florence.

Following this, he began his career as a sculptor at his Florence studio.

20-year journey as sculpture artist

Campbell has created an astonishing succession of sculptures, exhibits, situations, and installations during the past 20 years in Dublin, London, Florence, Belfast, Positano, Capri, Alghero, Fiesole, and other areas of Europe.

He had sculpted and cast love and internal connection of Mother and her 5 month Child in several materials, including wax and a bronze version, at his initial workshop in Fairview, Dublin, in 2005. Dario Tazzioli carved the final piece in Carrara marble.

Why he is so famous in now days?

His Mother and Child sculpture reflecting motherhood has led him from his workshop in Fairview, Dublin, to a historic museum in Florence (the heart of Renaissance art).

His bronze and marble sculptures have been shown in the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin, the Royal Ulster Academy in Belfast, and other venues in Ireland and Italy.

The 4.5-meter-tall bronze sculpture “Wind and Water” was owned by University College Dublin and is presently on display on the campus in Belfield, Dublin.

In 2015, his 6-meter-high Rugby Sculpture “The Day That Changed Ireland” was commissioned and put in the main corridor of Shannon Airport in Ireland.

Paddy Campbell, an Irish sculptor, is the first non-Italian to win the Giotto e Angelico prize. It was dedicated to the Dubliner in the actual residence of Renaissance painter Giotto in Vicchio, a town known as one of the Renaissance’s cradles and home to artists such as Fra Angelico, Cellini, and Cimabue.

The main plaza of Vicchio is adorned with his artwork, Life, and Death. It is devoted to the victims of Fascist governments’ war crimes perpetrated during World War II.

What we learn from artist Paddy Campbell’s life journey

Mr. Campbell had set up a good business from which his livelihood was going on very comfortably. But we find that he took a big risk at the age of 50. He wished to make his dreams come true with the colors of the brush and he is engaged with the same enthusiasm in the 80s to fulfill his dream.
We should assess ourselves, have we not forgotten our inner artist after losing the race of work life?


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