Paintings bring good fortune, money, happiness, riches, and love into one's house, life, and family

Horses are connected with both riches and power. A Seven Horse Painting in your home foretells of job growth and financial success.

Seven Horse Painting

The peacock painting is a symbol of beauty and strength brings  vitality, speed

Peacock Painting

A picture of singing birds on a house wall represents wonderful wealth, liberty and  give great success and wealth

Bird Painting

A picture of gold fish toward north entryway of your house bring money and succes

Goldfish painting

Waterfall paintings represent wealth of riches and auspiciousness, which encourages the flow of financial resources.

Waterfall Painting

Bouquet of flowers creates a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in your romantic life. A painting of an orchid blossom on the wall can help you build a lovely bond with a partner.

Floral Painting

Bamboo paintings in your living room bring you wealth, fortune, health, and longevity. It also signifies personal growth and wealth.

Bamboo painting

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